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The COMTRADE Viewer includes a fault data manager and a graphical analysis interface. The data manager supports the IEEE Standard C37.232-2011 "File Naming Convention for Time Sequence Data" (COMNAME). The analysis interface supports IEEE Standard C37.111-1991/1999/2013 "Common Format for Transient Data Exchange" (COMTRADE).

It provides fast sort and query engines, smart copy, move, and delete methods, and it allows for appending and merging of multiple records. The product is loaded with analysis features including waveform plots, phasor diagrams, sequence of events reports, harmonic tables, software channels, circular charts, and is equipped with an array of calculators for calculating frequency, sequence components, and fault location (both single and double ended algorithms are provided).

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Universal Viewer

The Universal Viewer is an advanced version of the COMTRADE Viewer. It includes drivers for reading proprietary formats from various IED producers. It includes a universal converter for converting the proprietary formats to COMTRADE (both ASCII and Binary formats are supported). It provides macros for creating inputs to short circuit simulation and modeling applications.

It is also equipped with expert system modules for ranking fault records (based on targets, magnitude, and duration), and for trending periodic load measurements over long periods of time (based on overload, imbalance, and efficiency). The product is recognized for its effectiveness in simplifying and expediting the process of fault and disturbance analysis and was sighted by NERC as being "indispensable" in the blackout investigation of August 14th, 2003.

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COM Conformity Check (CCC)

COM Conformity Check is designed to detect format errors in implementations of the COMTRADE and COMNAME standards. In implementations of the COMTRADE standard formatting errors can be as small as an extra or missing comma. This can make them almost impossible to spot with the naked eye and can hinder the analysis process. With the ability to detect 132 possible format errors in a COMTRADE record, if there is an format error CCC will catch it. CCC now also has the ability to correct select format errors commonly found in COMTRADE records.

CCC supports all three revisions (1991, 1999, and 2013)of the Comtrade standard, and the latest revision of the COMNAME standard.

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COMTRADE Archive & Analysis (CAA)

COMTRADE Archive & Analysis is an automated application used to archive waveform event files in various archive hierarchies and create Event and Data Quality reports based on key parameters extracted from waveform event files.

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WaveSize is designed to ensure there will always be available memory in unmanned data collection systems. The software does this by deleting files that are larger than a certain size, or older than a certain date. The software can also keep entire directories under a certain size.

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