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Softstuf Inc. is proud to partner with GridAI to introduce the 3Wave system. An advanced system designed to automatically process, and analyze massive amounts of oscillography/event and disturbance data files from various types of protection and monitoring devices, and securely report on any fault occurrences or potential trouble spots.

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SARA (Settings Automation Relay Assistant)

SARA (Setting Automation Relay Assistant) is a next generation software tool that will revolutionize relay setting development and ultimately enhance the reliability of the power system.

This software seamlessly interacts with ASPEN to simplify relay setting development and provides a complete solution for PRC-027-1 compliance. SARA automates the relay setting development process by streamlining the necessary steps, reducing error and increasing quality and efficiency.

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Click on the link above to view a course description for each class offered and to request a training class.


Thank you to everyone who renewed their annual Wavewin maintenance license for 2020. Use the link above to upgrade your Wavewin software, or to view a list of the latest additions and changes.


Thank you to everyone that attended the 2019 Wavewin User Group Meeting. Information on the 2020/2021 user group meeting will be posted shortly.

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