Wavewin Process

Wavewin Process

Wavewin Process utilizes built-in script files for key parameter extraction. These built-in script files allow users to determine which key parameters to extract from transient waveform records. All extracted key parameters are saved in comma delimited reports. Depending on the key parameters users wish to extract multiple reports can be created. These reports include

  • Prefault Report
  • Fault Report
  • Channel Health Report
  • Power Factor Report
  • Harmonics Report

To view the full list of key parameters that Wavewin Process can extract click the Learn More button below.


Wavebase uses the Wavewin Process script commands to automatically create tables within a relational database and insert the report files associated with the templates into the tables. The database created and maintained by Wavebase uses the Wavewin Process report files to implement the following advanced analysis functionality:

  • Double-Ended Fault location
  • Single-Ended Fault Location
  • Identify possible mis-operations
  • Negative and Positive Sequence
  • Analog Verification (Imbalance, Pegged Channels and Channels with Polarity Issues)
  • And more...

Wavebase is a flexiable tool that allows users to create tables and automatically upload data files from a variety of sources other than Wavewin Process. Our database infastructure provides analytics for:

  • DFR and Digital Relay Settings Validation
  • PRC Compliance Sheets
  • Device Communication Status
  • Digital Relay Metering
  • Digital Event Chattering
  • And more...

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COMTRADE Archive & Analysis (CAA)

CAA is a stand-alone executable designed to automatically analyze the report files created by Wavewin Process. CAA creates Event and Data Quality reports based on the data stored in the report files. Reports include:

  • Double-Ended Fault Location
  • Single-Ended Fault Location
  • Potenital Mis-Operations
  • Polarity and Channel Imbalance Issues

CAA can also be used to archive the transient data files processed by Wavewin Process. To read more about the many different archive options that CAA provides please click the learn more button below.

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Click on the link above to view a course description for each class offered and to request a training class.


Thank you to everyone who renewed their annual Wavewin maintenance license for 2023. Use the link above to upgrade your Wavewin software, or to view a list of the latest additions and changes.


Information on the 2023 User Group Meeting will be posted shortly.

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