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Wavewin DAU

The Wavewin DAU is a small, high-speed analog to digital converter that scans sensor inputs and transmits continuously to a host computer over Ethernet.

Model Number: CMS-ECT-DAU
Dimensions: L8.5" x H1.5" x W3.5"
Sampling Rate: 2340 Samples/Second/Channel
Input Range: -2.5 to +2.5 Volts
Operating Temp: -20 to 65 degrees C

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ECT (Electronic Current Transformer)

The ECT (Electronic Current Transformer) system provides lightweight, non-intrusive sensors with factory adjustable turns ratios used to measure AC currents from instrument transformers.

Model Number: CMS-ECT-4
Sensors: AC/DC Current
Turns Ratio: 1250:1
Power Supply: 3 Watts, 125 VDC
Operating Temp: -20 to 65 degrees C

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EDS (Electronic Detection System)

The EDS (Event Detection System) uses an array of "intelligent electronic sensors" that deploy on live wires without having to plan for outages.

Model Number: CMS-EDS-4
Sensors: AC/DC Current
Output Contacts: 4 Sensors, 1 Health
Power Supply: 3 Watts, 125 VDC
Operating Temp: -20 to 65 degrees C

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Sniffer 24 (Universal Data Recorder)

The Sniffer 24 is a high accuracy, high speed analog to digital recorder. The recorder has 24 analog input channels with 16-bit resolution and 21.6 KHz per channel sampling rate. It is provided as a portable unit or a fixed installation rack mount.

Model Number: Sniffer-24
Channels: 24 Analog Inputs (RJ45)
Resolution: 16 bits (65,536 steps)
Sampling Rate: Up to 21.6 kHz/channel
Operating Temp: -20 to 65 degrees C

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Wavewin Data Diode

The Wavewin Data Diode is used to collect fault and disturbance data files from various types of CCA devices within an ESP (such as numerical relays), and then securly moves the collected data to a second Wavewin Diode outside the ESP.

Model Number: DI-10004
Dimensions: L5.9" x H2.2" x W4.1"
System Memory: 4 GB
Primary Storage: 64 GB
Operating Temp: -40 to 70 degrees C

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