SOFTSTUF Inc. is proud to introduce Wavewin Process.

The Power of Wavewin Automated.

Line Groups

Line Groups are SOFTSTUF's solution for automating the process of preparing DME data for analysis. A Line Group is a set of fields that identify the analog and digital channels of a specific line in a specific DME such as a Digital Fault Recorder (DFR), a meter, or a digital relay. When used successfully Line Groups significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare data for analysis (from minutes to seconds). Line Groups are the starting point of our fully automated DME analysis system.

Automatic Extraction, Prepration & Validation of Key Parameters

Wavewin Process uses Line Groups to prepare, validate, and extract over 100 key parameters from transient waveform records. The key parameters extracted are saved in comma delimited report files and can include prefault and fault voltage and current vectors, breaker and digital event status, line impedence values, and much more.

Automatic Advanced Analysis

SOFTSTUF offers two automated advanced analysis platforms: One in database form (Wavebase) and one in standalone executable form (CAA). The core analysis components of both solutions are the culmination of 30+ years experience in fault analysis and asset health. Both platforms use the key parameters extracted by Wavewin Process to calculate fault location for double ended and single ended events, detect potential misoperation, identify data quality issues in DME channels, create PRC compliance sheets, validate settings, and more.


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Wavewin User Group

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