COM Conformity Check (CCC)

COM Conformity Check is designed to detect format errors in the COMTRADE standard, COMNAME standard and the COMTRADE-Synchrophasor template. In the COMTRADE standard formatting errors can be as small as an extra or missing comma. This can make them almost impossible to spot with the naked eye and can hinder the analysis process. With the ability to detect 91 possible errors in COMTRADE records, 43 possible errors in COMNAME filenames and five possible errors in the COMTRADE-Synchropahsor template if there is an format error CCC will catch it.

CCC supports all three active versions of the Comtrade standard, and the latest revision of the COMNAME standard and COMTRADE-Synchrophasor template. The user simply chooses a directory they would like the report files saved to, and the filename. Once the Create Report button is clicked the Application does the rest.

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COMTRADE File Collector (CFC)

COMTRADE File Collector is an automated data collection platform that is designed to extract COMTRADE files from digital fault recorders (DFRs), and digital relays that use the file transfer protocol (FTP/FTPS), the SSH file transfer protocol (SFTP) or the IEC 61850 manufacturing message specification file service (MMS).

The application is designed specifically for the download and renaming of COMTRADE records although it can still be used to download non-COMTRADE files. Files collected by the software will be saved to a folder specified by the user and renamed to be compliant with the COMNAME standard.

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WaveCopy is designed to copy files or sub-directories from multiple locations to one central location. The application will also rename any copied transient data files to be compliant with the COMNAME standard. This application was created to meet the growing need to consolidate event records created by mutiple recording devices in one central directory.

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WaveHistorian is designed to read the contents of a directory (including contents of all subdirectories) and create a diagnostic file listing key parameters extracted from SEL, CEV, and EVE files found in the directory. The diagnostic file will be saved in a directory specified by the user. This diagnostic file can then be used with Wavewin for advanced analysis.

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WaveSize is designed to ensure there will always be available memory in unmanned data collection systems. The software does this by deleting files that are larger than a certain size, or older than a certain date. The software can also keep entire directories under a certain size.

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The COMTRADE Alias Tool is designed to give users the ability to automate the process of correcting errors in a COMTRADE records configuration file before performing transient data analysis. The information that this application allows a user to edit in a configuration file includes the station name, device name, and analog channel information, such as channel multiplers and offsets.

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COMNAME Organizer

The COMNAME Organizer is designed to read through a directory of files and create a folder hierarchy based on the COMNAME standard format. Each file in the directory will be moved somewhere in the created hierarchy depending on the filename’s company name, station name, device name, and extension.

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