About Us

Softstuf Inc. is a software provider that specializes in creating universal software for advanced fault analysis, helping utilities increase reliablity and reduce engineering time, and providing fault type and location for recovery and restoration. 30+ years experience in fault analysis is the driving force behind SOFTSTUF systems. From secure data collection to advanced analysis Softstuf is the solution for all protection data collection and analysis.


Softstuf was founded in 1991 in Philadelphia. Today our Wavewin software is the premier software for collection and analysis of protection data. What first started as a small company in Philadelphia has grown to have users throughout both North America, Eurpoe, and South America. Hundreds of thousands of hours have and continue to go into the devlopment of Wavewin, and there is no foreseeable limits to its potential growth.


Electric power utilities spend amazing amounts of manpower and financial resources on protection and maintenance. Our aim is to provide enhancements in these areas that are extraordinary by reporting failures upon occurrence or, better yet, by catching potential failures before they occur. Such reporting helps utilities increase system reliability, reduce engineering time, reduce maintenance cost, restore services faster, and extend the service-life of their critical assets.


There are too many types and vintages of devices needed to protect and maintain electrical power systems. Such devices include, but are not limited to, numerical and electromechanical relays, digital fault and sequence of events recorders, transformer and breaker monitors, etc. To that extent, there is a need for a universal computing system that can interface with all of these various types of devices (non-intrusively) and consolidate their data into informative event reports and load summaries.


Softstuf is owned and operated by Amir Makki and Maria Rothweiler Makki. Amir holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Tennessee Tech University (1981-1986) and pursued a PhD degree in software engineering at Temple University (1986-1991). Maria holds a BA degree in computer science from Temple University (1986-1991) and pursued an associate degree in mathematics at Bucks County Community College (1984-1986). Amir and Maria's professional contributions so far include over 50 publications, patents and trademarks.

Development Team

Our development team will work closely with you to deteremine the scope of your application and to determine the best method for designing the product. A prototype of your product can be rapidly developed to demonstrate the basic concept of the application. Testing at the subsystem level is performed after each development stage in order to confirm advancement. Once the product is fully integrated and after careful emulation of operating environment, final testing at the system level is conducted in order to verify and validate the basic components of the product.


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