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Softstuf, founded in 1991, is a Philadelphia based corporation that specializes in the design of advanced analysis systems for measuring performance of large electrical power systems during fault and disturbance conditions. Softstuf is the home of the Wavewin software and the Sniffer data acquisition tools.

The Universal Viewer is a specialized, high-resolution graphic interface designed for management, display and analysis of fault and periodic load files from various types of proprietary & standard formats generated from DFRs, Digital Relays, Meters and more. The software supports the latest IEEE long file naming format (C37.232).

The advanced analyis interface offers a wide range of flexible analysis tools for navigating traces, peak hopping, amplitude and time scaling, superimposing, peak detecting, RMS and phase calculating, instantaneous values, primary and secondary values, sequence components, triggers, envelopes, merge files, append files and time synchronization of multiple records.

Computed Software Channels are also provided for advanced analysis. Software Channels can be used to compute + , - and 0 Sequence, Resistance, Envelopes, Missing Phases, Convert to Primary or Secondary Values, Current Imbalances, % of Rating...

  • Phasors
  • Harmonics
  • Circular Charts
  • Primary & Secondary Values
  • Change Frequency
  • Truncate Cycles
  • Add Cycles
  • User Defined Views
  • Time Syncronization
  • Frequency Calculator
  • Complex Calculator
  • Double Ended Fault Location
  • Single Ended Fault Location
  • Sequence Components Calculator
  • Thiran Filter - Align Channel Data
  • Super Impose Channels
  • Software Analog Channels
  • Convert to Comtrade
  • IEEE Long Filenames
  • SOE Tables on Multiple Records
  • Fault Summaries
  • File Sort & Queries
  • Specialized Copy/Move
  • ASCII & Binary Editors
  • Save Sample Values
  • Disturbance Reports
  • Append Multiple Files
  • Merge Multiple Files
  • Adjust Files Time
  • Play Channels Audio
For a full description of the Wavewin product download the data Sheet from the link Below.
Wavewin Data Sheet


Softstuf, Inc.  P.O Box 40245  Philadelphia, PA 19106-0245    Wavewin is a registered Trademark of Softstuf Inc. 

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