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Softstuf, founded in 1991, is a Philadelphia based corporation that specializes in the design of advanced analysis systems for measuring performance of large electrical power systems during fault and disturbance conditions. Softstuf is the home of the Wavewin software and the Sniffer data acquisition tools.


Wavewin offers two interfaces that allow for monitoring the state of the Device Manager. The Device Manager is configured to poll all the connected devices either upon demand and/or periodically. The two interfaces are: the Station Monitor and the Fault Data Manager.

Station Monitor
The Station Monitor is an advanced graphical interface that allows for users on the company's network to monitor all information polled from the devices configured in the device manager. Each station polled is displayed as a one-line diagram. The one-line diagram shows all device load information, circuit imbalances, circuit overloads, breaker status and more. It also allows for searching for station/device transient files, load data, event summaries and event histories.

Fault Data Manager
This Fault Data Manager table allows for managing all the fault files located on the local computer and/or across all networked drives. All fault files (fault, summary and history files) polled from the devices configured in the device manager are saved to a local folder or a folder in a networked drive and all files are named using the IEEE long file naming format (C37.232). The Fault Data Manager has 3 sections, the folder tree, the device table and the device summary information section.

  • Folder Tree: The folder tree allows for navigating the local and networked folders.
  • Device Table The device table list all the devices that have event files located in the active folder. If a Wavewin master station is installed then poll upon demand commands can be sent directly to the master station from the device table. The Device Table columns are populated from the fields in the IEEE Long filenames (Company, Station, Device, Type, Line Length, Location, Dev-ID and Latest Event), and from the message files stored in the "Messages & Logs" folder (Status, Poll Requested At and Poll Completed AT).
  • Device InformationThe Device Information section lists a history of the event files for the device selected in the device table. The station name, device title and the total number of events files stored in the active folder for the selected device is displayed in the header section of the summary window. If the devices are being polled by Wavewin then the last meter reading is displayed under the history list. Each file listed in the history can be plotted, viewed/edited and summarized.

Station devices can be polled upon demand by users who have access to the company's private network. A message is sent from the user station to the master station computer to request an immediate poll of all selected devices.

Station Monitor Fault Data Manager

  • Automatic access to all transient, load, summary and history files per device/station.
  • Automatic detection of imbalanced circuits using a phase-to-average or phase-to-phase calculation.
  • Automatic detection of overloaded circuits using an above 90% of rating calculation.
  • Automatic calculation of the station peaks and cap status on a week by week basis.
  • Automatic detection of breaker status with a totalization counter.
  • Automatic access to the substation HMI from anywhere on the corporate network.
  • Virtual Ports from any point on the network so that the original manufacturer software (or any one of a large array of third party programs) can be used directly with the relays.
  • Open device load files directly from the poll upon demand interface.
  • Customize the one-line Displays.
  • Request immediate poll of any station devices.

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