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Softstuf, founded in 1991, is a Philadelphia based corporation that specializes in the design of advanced analysis systems for measuring performance of large electrical power systems during fault and disturbance conditions. Softstuf is the home of the Wavewin software and the Sniffer data acquisition tools.



The Device Manager allows for acheiving full device integration of all networked Intelligent Electronic Devices such as DFRs, Relays, Meters and more.  Networked devices are polled periodically and/or by demand for transient data, periodic load data, fault summaries and fault histories.

Depending on the existing infrustrure the devices can be polled a number of ways:
  • A Single Master Station at the office using dialup and or Ethernet to poll the devices.
  • A computer in the station directly connected (Star/Multidrop Topology) to all station devices and transfering all polled data to the companys network via dialup or FTP.
  • A single master station installed on the company fiber loop and polling all devices accessable from the fiber loop.

CIP Compliance:
If the Device Manager is used to monitor bulk protection assets that are deemed critical then the Device Manager is designated as a critical cyber asset (as defined by NERC CIP Standards) especially because the Device Manager handles sensitive information such as baud rates, IP addresses, user ids, passwords, relay settings, targets, and fault and disturbance data records. The Device Manager is a very useful tool for helping protection and security personnel investigate and classify fault records (whether they are due to real life operations/mis-operations or are caused by malware and/or cyber attacks). The Device Manager is in effect a monitor of protection assets which in turn makes it a fundamental component of CIP compliance and provides an advanced tool for security planning.

Device Manager Description and CIP Compliance Document

  • True parallel communications architecture.  Wavewin can poll an unlimited number of relay, meter and DFR types at the same time in various languages (Library of drivers includes over 50 types of proprietary protocols plus FTP, TELNET, ZMODEM, MODBUS, DNP and Script).
  • All event data is automatically extracted and transfered to the appropriate groups within 5 minutes of the event occurence.
  • Each event record is stored in a separate file in its raw format so that it may be viewed by Wavewin or the original manufacturer software.
  • Automatic retrieval of target and fault distance information and real-time reporting to company databases, email, pagers and/or printers.
  • A formidable array of advanced analysis tools including circular charts, graphical load profiles, phasors, harmonics, sequence components...
  • Automatic logging of load information on a selected time period.  Logged information is saved in a comma delimited format and can be imported to any spread sheet program. 
  • Automatic detection of communication errors (health checks).
  • Automatic creation of specialized EPRI reports for transformer monitoring and Oil filtration (ILOAD, Oil temperature, Active Water, PPM).
  • Compatibility with a large array of temperature sensors, tap position and fluid monitors (Hydran, Visala, Domino, INCON, TTC...)

Softstuf, Inc.  P.O Box 40245  Philadelphia, PA 19106-0245    Wavewin is a registered Trademark of Softstuf Inc. 

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