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Softstuf, founded in 1991, is a Philadelphia based corporation that specializes in the design of advanced analysis systems for measuring performance of large electrical power systems during fault and disturbance conditions. Softstuf is the home of the Wavewin software and the Sniffer data acquisition tools.


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Manuals:  Wavewin Data Collection (PDF: 2.4M)
Wavewin Fault Analysis (PDF: 6.4M)
Wavewin Reference Guide (PDF: 804K)
Wavewin Cheat Sheet (PDF: 1M)
Wavewin Sniffer 8 (PDF: 1.2M)
Wavewin Sniffer 24 (PDF: 1.2M)
Tutorials:  Wavewin Sniffer 24 - Configuration (ZIP: 744K)
Wavewin Sniffer 24 - Calibration (ZIP: 298K)
Wavewin Sniffer 24 - IRIG-B (ZIP: 470K)
Wavewin Sniffer 24 - Capturing Data (ZIP: 338K)
Wavewin Sniffer 24 - Viewing Data (ZIP: 233K)
Publications:  Wavewin Universal Viewer Description (PDF: 124K)
FDC Description and CIP Compliance (PDF: 56K)
Using Hall Effect Sensors Paper (PDF: 705K)
AI Techniques For Managing Relay Data (PDF: 197K)
Combining Digital Fault Records, Virtual-DFR (PDF: 208K)
Smart Data Concentrators (PDF: 203K)
Managing the Retrieval & Analysis of Event Fault Records (PDF: 1.7M)
Using Event Recordings to Verify Protective Relay Operations (PDF: 422K)
Databases & Digital Fault Records (PDF: 196K)

Data Sheets:  Wavewin Data Sheet (PDF: 430K)
Sniffer Data Sheet (PDF: 308K)
Sensors Data Sheet (PDF: 2.5M)

Softstuf, Inc.  P.O Box 40245  Philadelphia, PA 19106-0245    Wavewin is a registered Trademark of Softstuf Inc. 

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Wavewin 2016 User
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(September  2016)
Thank you to everyone who attended
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The 2016 User Group Meeting
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at the end of September.

Thank you
to everyone who renewed
their annual Wavewin
maintenance license for 2016.

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